Christian Music Festival 2015

Milton Keynes is having a Christian Music Festival on the 22nd August 2015 Saturday would you go? Unlikely why? I have tattoes on my arms, am gay and always found the church unwelcoming...... I threw that to Lawrence Perry the President of the local chapter of the FGBMFI (Full Gospel Businessmen's Fellowship International) and he said that only the presence of God could change people......

Using Customer Feedback to Increase Sales

Virtual Assistants will help you transform your business into a client-centric setup, which will eventually attract more customers and generate more sales.

Introduction to the Different Outsourcing Services

Outsourcing allows you to find skilled employees in the particular business process. 

Customer Interaction for Effective Brand Building

Through trackers, you can identify which interactive parts of your websites are serving their purpose. 

3 Article Marketing Techniques to Get Good Search Ranks

Advertising for your website is done by submitting promotional articles to different online article databases. 

How to Determine Pricing for Virtual Jobs

For virtual jobs that depend wholly on the skill and competence of a freelancer, job evaluation is one option for an organization to determine the compensation and benefits of its virtual employees.

Models for Customer Engagement

According to Adam Metz, author of “The Social Customer, the new guide to social customer acquisition, monetization, and retention”, there are five various models for customer engagement. 

Strategic Article Marketing

Publishing numerous articles does not necessarily imply these public entries get viewed; and in the end, after all that work, it can be assumed that only a few (or even no one) gets to reach your website.

Low cost in Outsourcing to the Philippines

For businesses, 30 to 40% savings are estimated; 15 to 30% savings for call centre services and application systems; and 35 to 50% for software development savings. Outsourcing to the Philippines is always going to be a lot cheaper compared to prices in the US and UK. 

The Importance and Benefits of Working as a Virtual Writer

You can choose what you want to write about. If you know the topic by heart. All you need are good English proficiency skills, an ability to understand available material, the talent to put out and impart knowledge through your own words.