The deal

The Deal

A unique set of services for a unique client that is you

Our Purpose

Here at Catch Friday, we believe that everyone has different needs. We all need a solution that best fits our situation. With that in mind, we came up with a process on how we can address each and everyone’s needs. We aim to provide a custom made approach for each client.

How it Works

We start by getting to know basic information about you by letting you answer our online form. Then, our Business Consultants will give you a call back to discuss the details and analyze what best suits your needs. We have a pool of virtual assistants and we select the right resource that will match your requirements.

Our Guarantee

During the first 24 hours of your booking with us, we make sure that we are available to guide you with any queries you may have. We keep our line open for your feedback and stay regularly in contact with you. In an event that an issue may arise, we make sure to investigate and resolve this immediately. We can offer you extra credit to your account, and where clients have paid in advance for services, we will refund you in total for hours that you have not used.

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