Why catch friday?

Why Catch Friday?

Reputable, Recommended, British Led, Excellent Customer Service and Responsive


Like it or not, in business, we are all busy. Planning, networking, exchanging business cards, discussing, taking notes, and running tight schedules compass our daily routine.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, director, SME or corporate, you are busy putting deals together, working all hours and working late while those in start ups are clocking the midnight oil. The pace of the society we are living in could be overpowering at times.

Everywhere we go our laptops, tablets and mobile phones comes with us and for the person alone, the balance of time is at times, difficult to juggle.

You have the internet on all day and all night, and often you grab some rest between tasks – those who work for themselves don’t receive a salary, money comes at the end of the deal and stress comes in between.

If only there was someone there to help. The days of having your own personal assistant, even secretaries, was a long time ago. Don’t you wish they were back somehow?


In just over 2 years after the brand’s setup in 2005, we became the top Virtual Assistant site on the Philippines with over 90,000 hits a day. Relaunched this 2017 under F1 International Ltd, with the aim to have a British led management team with Philippine associates.

We offer our clients a service which is relatively inexpensive. We have the experience and got it just about right.

We supply virtual assistants, in a carefully designed service matching your requirements. Our services revolve around our customers, giving them the freedom to select what they need.

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